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Whether you’re currently expecting or trying to conceive, taking high-quality prenatal vitamins is essential when preparing your body for a baby. The daily supplement can help bridge nutrition gaps and contribute to a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, many prenatal vitamins on the market include subpar ingredients and even fillers. Not to mention, many of them have a strong taste or are difficult to stomach, especially in the first trimester. When doing our research, we also found many companies only target women with their prenatal supplements, forgetting that men also need supplements for fertility and conception.

Our editors searched far and wide to source the very best natural prenatal options for both men and women—to provide the vital nutrients you need for fetal development, sperm and egg quality, and maternal health. We also talked with our OBGYNs and healthcare providers to get their insight on the best brands, so you can trust the below recommendations are both editor-tested and doctor-recommended. Read on for our honest reviews about each prenatal brand, including what we thought about the taste, smell, and how many pills you need to take each day.

**This review is not health advice. Please talk to your OBGYN or healthcare provider before adding any supplements to your diet.

1. WeNatal

Natural | Natural, vegetarian, free from fillers and chemical binders, gluten-free, allergen friendly
Standout Features | Monthly subscriptions and bundles, third-party testing, sustainable packaging
Price | $59.95 for a 30-day supply (per person, three pills daily)

Conception is not a one-sided equation, and it shouldn’t be up to only one partner to prepare their bodies for a possible pregnancy. Enter WeNatal—a prenatal vitamin supplement brand serving couples with clean and science-backed formulas. The three prenatal pills for women have a whopping 400 mg of choline, and the WeNatal For Him contains 100 mcg of selenium (essential for sperm motility), among other antioxidants and nutrient-dense ingredients. As for taste/smell, we love the minty-essence and how easy these three capsules are to swallow at once. From beautiful packaging and travel cases to the family manifestation journal, WeNatal brings partners together and makes us feel less alone on a journey that can sometimes often feel isolating.

2. FullWell

Natural | Natural, bioavailable nutrients, non-GMO, allergen friendly
Standout Features | Made in the USA, developed by a registered dietician & fertility expert, monthly subscriptions, HSA/FSA eligible
Price | $49.95 for a 30-day supply subscription (eight per day)

FullWell was developed by Ayla Barmmer, a registered dietician, women’s health and fertility expert, and mama herself. What we love most about these prenatal vitamins are the stellar ingredients and that the formulas are non-GMO and third-party tested. While you do have to take four fairly large capsules twice a day, FullWell includes more choline, magnesium, and calcium than most prenatal vitamins on the market and ingredients in active, bioavailable forms. They are also free from allergens like soy, gluten, corn, and dairy. For us, that tradeoff is worth putting the best ingredients in our bodies to prepare for conception or during pregnancy/postpartum. That said, these may be harder to stomach while experiencing morning sickness (the smell is fairly strong and might be offputting if your scent is heightened) or if you have difficulty with pills. Still, it gets an A+ in our book. The monthly subscription and bundle options (the brand has fish oil, a nerve-calming tonic, and men’s prenatal) are great for saving on cost as well.

3. Seeking Health

Natural | Natural, bioavailable nutrients, vegetarian, non-GMO, gluten-free
Standout Features | Independently tested, monthly subscriptions
Price | $59.95 for a 30-day supply (eight per day)

Seeking Health carries a number of prenatal supplements in capsules and powders, but our favorite is the Optimal Prenatal Capsules for its five-star ingredients, including 800 mcg of folate and 250 mg of choline. Suitable for vegetarians and free from allergens and GMOs, these capsules contain all of the bioavailable nutrients our bodies (and future babies!) need for healthy development and pregnancy. Again, this one requires four capsules twice a day (a big ask, we know!), but the smell and taste are fairly subtle. We also love that Seeking Health has a prenatal powder you can sneak into your smoothies if you can’t manage the capsules. The best ingredients in multiple forms—a win, win!

4. Ritual

Natural | Natural, bioavailable nutrients, non-GMO, vegan
Standout Features | Monthly subscriptions, recycled packaging, traceable supply chain, eligible for FSA & HSA reimbursements
Price | $39 for a 30-day supply (two per day)

Ritual is more than just a leading name when it comes to natural supplements—the brand is also one of our neighbors, located in sunny SoCal. We love that these prenatals integrate a dozen clean (and fully traceable) nutrients responsibly sourced from around the world to guide us from pre- to post-pregnancy. The capsules are also vegan-friendly and free from gluten, allergens, and GMOs. What we love most though? The smell and color, of course. Choose from either citrus or mint (though we recommend citrus, especially for the morning) and allow yourself to smile while taking just two (yes, two!) golden capsules. Finally, a supplement that is fun and easy on our tummies.

5. Perelel Health

Natural | Natural, bioavailable nutrients, gluten-free, non-GMO
Standout Features | Monthly subscriptions, OBGYN-founded, reduced carbon footprint, eco-friendly packaging
Price | $48 for a 30-day supply (one pack of bundled vitamins per day)

For a brand that literally walks us through our pre- and post-conception journey, we love Perelel Health, founded specifically by an OBGYN. These prenatal vitamins with bioavailable ingredients are specific to each trimester (including a men’s multi-packs) for the most effective supplements, and the colorful and counter-friendly packaging isn’t terrible to look at either. When trying Perelel for ourselves, we loved the simplicity (trying to conceive is exhausting enough) and how travel-friendly the individual packets are. We took them on the road for a weekend trip and saved so much room in our suitcase. The supplements are also a no-nausea formula, and we had no issue getting these down in the morning on an empty stomach. Thanks to a Carbonfree partnership, Perelel supports carbon offset projects and uses eco-friendly packaging, which is better for you and the planet.

6. Needed

Natural | Bioavailable nutrients, non-GMO, allergen friendly, third-party tested
Standout Features | Monthly subscriptions and bundle options, made in the USA at an FDA, GMP and QAI Certified Organic facility, climate neutral, part of 1% for the planet, B Corp certified
Price | $69.99 for a 30-day supply of powder (save with subscription options)

Needed prenatal win in our book when it comes to taste and form. While the brand offers capsule supplements, we were most intrigued by the prenatal multi powder, which is formulated by perinatal and nutrition experts and packed with 400 mg of choline. We blended the vanilla powder into our morning smoothie and also tried it with nut milk (so delicious!). We also tried the ethically sourced prenatal collagen powder for extra protein dissolved in our morning coffee and couldn’t even taste it. We love that Needed—a certified B Corp—offers a wide range of supplements for all stages of conception and for men too. The sample packets make it easy to test and try before committing to a month’s supply.