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SmartBear's entire test automation portfolio is built around easy to use tools for
testers and developers, making sure they can collaborate efficiently.

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The growth of new technologies and demand for faster release cycles are increasing the standard for quality software. Quality assurance (QA) teams are adopting an automated testing process to introduce speed and flexibility into the software development lifecycle and remain competitive.

An early investment in test automation empowers software teams to ultimately accomplish speed, quality and cost savings, without having to make tradeoffs between the three. Teams can accelerate their testing efforts, improve quality, and realize rapid time-to-value, giving companies the opportunity to stay competitive in the market.

Why SmartBear for Test Automation?

Ease of Test Creation
SmartBear provides automation tools and frameworks for developers and testers to help validate and verify UIs, APIs, and databases. 
Automate in Your CI/CD
Each of our test automation tools comes with out of the box plugins with popular CI servers like Jenkins and a CLI for others.
Cost Savings
See instant ROI and savings with easy-to-use tools that you can trial and implement before buying.
Better Test Coverage
Run tests at scale with real-world data on virtualized infrastructure, real browsers, or with generated load.
Broad Language Support
Don't spend time learning proprietary languages - our tools work out of the box with your favorite languages like Python, JavaScript, and more.
Faster Debugging
Run automated tests in a continuous pipeline giving your team faster feedback, reducing debugging time and time to resolution.

SmartBear tools for every job in test automation


API Testing

APIs and Microservices are transforming the way organizations do business in the digital world, and testing them is becoming more critical than ever. API Testing with SmartBear gives development and testing teams a powerful solution to create, run, and analyze complex API tests.

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GUI Testing

Customer experience has never been more important, and GUI testing can be your last obstacle between catching a bug during integration, or having a customer find it. We have GUI testing solutions for both developers and testers that can help validate web, mobile, or desktop applications

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Selenium Testing

With our optimized test infrastructure, you can seamlessly run all of your Selenium tests on real devices and browsers, at the same time with the same script. Run hundreds of tests at once to cut your test time down to a fraction of your current test execution saving you time and resources.

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End-To-End Testing 

Testing complex workflows and business transactions challenge developers, testers, and operations teams more than any other type of tests. Our comprehensive, enterprise-grade tools can test end-to-end workflows across multiple applications, interfaces, or databases.

Performance Testing

Measure the performance of your APIs are they progress across staging environments. Perform load testing on critical UIs and endpoints earlier in the process using easy-to-use tools and virtualized infrastructure.

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