The Good Trade editors research and test every product featured in our guides so we can provide you with sincere recommendations that meet strict sustainability standards as well as lifestyle considerations. We’ve tested thousands of products from sustainable brands, and we believe the most sustainable products are the ones you’ll actually use. 

Our review process includes a mix of hands-on testing, expert opinions, and extensive research of third-party verifications, certifications, and accreditations (e.g., the Fashion Transparency Index, Fair Trade, B Corp, Leaping Bunny, and USDA Organic, to name a few). We also include our personal tips for selecting and maintaining the products we feature so you’ll have the insider scoop on how to make things work for you and last for good. 

Our Business Model

We’re an independently-owned media brand whose work is primarily reader-supported through affiliate links. If a reader clicks on a link on our site and purchases a product from one of our affiliate partners, we may receive a commission. However, if a reader returns the product, the commission is rescinded. We never promote inferior products based on current or future affiliate companies requests and only endorse products we think our readers will actually use and love.