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Anxiety, stress, overthinking, tension—there’s a lot going on in the world right now. We get it. For many of us, these overwhelming concerns mean struggling to sleep or getting the rest that our bodies need.

Current medical practices suggest weight can be used to help with this, or more specifically, weighted blankets. Much like deep touch pressure therapy, these weighted blankets encourage the release of serotonin (and its byproduct melatonin), which in turn reduces cortisol levels, leaving us feeling calmer and more content. It’s like a hug for our entire body.

Wrap yourself in these soft, sustainable, and organic weighted blankets for better sleep and relaxation this year. And while revamping your bedtime routine, check out our guides to organic sheets, snuggly & sustainable pajamas, soft comforters, and organic mattresses.

Best Overall | Heaviest | Most Breathable

1. Baloo

Natural materials
Plastic/Pfas free
OEKO-TEX® certified
Woman owned
Small business

Weights | 8, 9, 12, 15, 20 & 25 lbs
Sizes Available | 40”x60”, 42”x72”, 60”x80”, 80”x87”
Price Range | $179–$249

Baloo’s weighted blankets are so soft, and machine-washable too! From kid- to king-sized, these blankets help ease us into the ultimate relaxation. The fill includes lab-tested, lead-free glass microbeads, and the blanket’s weight conforms to your body like a hug. Baloo also donates a portion of its profits to the Pajama Program. Choose from two to four colors (depending on the size), with each shade carefully selected to help promote a calm and tranquil sleep. Back by a 100% quality guarantee, Baloo’s weighted blankets will have you snoozing comfortably all night long.

Baloo Review | “This is my first time trying a weighted blanket, and I love it so much. It really just snuggles you in to the couch, chair, or bed, wherever you are and makes you feel so secure and comfy.”—Torey

2. Luxome

Natural materials
OEKO-TEX® certified
Small business

Weights | 8, 15, 18, & 30 lbs
Sizes Available | 42”x56”, 54”x72”, 60”x80”, 100”x85”
Price Range | $90–$185

Whether you opt for a weighted blanket with a removable or integrated cover, Luxome’s cooling comforters are decked in 300-thread count organic Lyocell bamboo, that’s developed through a water-saving process. These blankets are especially nice for warmer months, and they are hypoallergenic and thermal-regulating too—so you can fall asleep without second-guessing your snores. Each one (from lap- to king-sized!) is packaged in a luxury carrying tote, so you can bring it wherever you need. We take ours with us on all our travels! Global shipping is available.

Luxome Review | “I am a hot sleeper and love this blanket. I have had such trouble staying asleep and with this blanket I have the best sleep! The feel is so luxurious, also looks great!”—Anna P.

3. Silk & Snow

OEKO-TEX® certified
Natural materials
Small business

Weights | 8, 12, 15, 20, & 25 lbs
Sizes Available | 41”x60”, 41”x72”, 45”x72”, 51”x72”, 54”x72”
Price Range | $150–$260

Silk & Snow exists to bring sustainability, conscious manufacturing, and transparency to the bedding industry. That’s why these sustainable weighted blankets don’t use synthetic fibers or plastic beads—instead, they’re hand-knit with 100 percent organic cotton and are consciously manufactured. Available in eight homey colors, weights range from 8 pounds (in travel- and kid-friendly sizes) to 25. And yes, they do come with a one-year warranty and 100-night trial.

Silk & Snow Review | “My little one can be a light sleeper…so I decided to purchase this. The woven design made me feel more comfortable as I worry about breathability. So far so good!!”—Shirley S.

4. Bearaby

OEKO-TEX® certified
Fair trade
Natural materials
Woman owned

Weights | 6, 8 ,10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35 lbs
Sizes Available | 36”x48”, 40”x64”,  40”x72”, 60”x80”
Price Range | $149–$369

Bearaby is notorious for its soft and chunky weighted blankets. But the blanket we love most in this collection? The cooling Tree Napper—created specifically for hot sleepers. To help you keep calm and cool, this blanket is made with Tencel™ Lyocell derived from eucalyptus tree wood pulp (all in a closed-loop, water-saving process to boot). Our editor’s sleep routine involves both a Bearaby Tree Napper and the brand’s “Cuddler,” which is the longest body pillow we’ve ever laid eyes on. Both are super snuggly, and yet the fabric is never sweaty or sticky. Bearaby also offers kid-, travel-, and queen/king-sized weighted blankets, as well as a velvet one! Check out our full Bearaby review for even more about the brand.

Bearaby Review | “So happy with how breathable this blanket is. No longer wake up sweating like with my old weighted blanket — and it looks beautiful too!”—Laura R.

5. Nest Bedding

Family owned
American made
Small business

Weights | 15, 18, & 25 lbs
Sizes Available | 48”x72”, 60”x80”, 80”x86”
Price Range | $137–$187

One of our favorite blankets on the list! Nest Bedding’s weighted blanket boasts a cozy jersey material on one side and a bamboo-based rayon on the other for optimal coziness. It’s also duvet-compatible (love!) and filled with lead-free glass beads that help distribute the blanket’s weight evenly, as well as keep it quiet when moved around. It comes in the cutest cotton tote, so be sure to take it on your weekend getaways. Enjoy a 30-night trial if you’re on the fence.

Nest Bedding Review | “Soft, the correct weight, and fair price. Love this special blanket!”—Phyllis K.

Featured image from Bearaby